Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Power of Intention

In our wholeness we are Infinite and complete, though in this life expression consciousness is also learning how to more skillfully utilize the power of intention, as this human expression could be considered to be a vehicle and instrument of intention.  Intention can at times be more conscious and more fully directed by the light of Spirit, or it can be more unconscious and directed by more unconscious behavior patterns.  Therefore for more conscious intention to be possible, meditation (ie. nurturing the connection with the inner Light of Awareness) is key.  Also it is perhaps worth noting, having intention is different than having expectation.

One could say intention is a focus and a directing of energy, which also allows for an organic flow, adaptability, and presence within that focus.  Whereas with expectation one becomes more tightly bound into an idea of how things should be unfolding, which more often than not, results in some sort of frustration and disappointment when things appear to be playing out differently.  Therefore in navigating this life dance, perhaps it is wisest to learn how to utilize positive and constructive intentions, without falling into the trap of expectation.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Levels of Understanding

Much of what is written on this page is not so much for the mind, as it is for the Heart.  Therefore to more fully understand what these words are pointing to, the understanding must happen and occur at a deeper level which is largely an unspoken, non-conceptual kind of knowing.  This is the tricky thing about speaking of an understanding that transcends mind and intellect.  If one only utilizes the mind to analyze and try to understand what is spoken of, then one will be limited to only the concepts of the mind.

Take for instance the word ‘wholeness’.  This is a word sometimes used as a pointer referring to one’s essential nature, or the essential reality of existence.  Though if one doesn’t have the direct experience and knowing of this ‘wholeness’ then the term wholeness becomes limited to the idea of some kind of wholeness of form, or of personality, and so on.  Though in reality, the wholeness that is spoken of is not bound to any form, to time, or space, and therefore it does not have an age, a birth or a death, nor an inside or an outside.  Now to one who is bound into only understanding through mind and concepts, this may seem very abstract and perhaps even inconceivable, and for which it probably should, that is if one is trying to understand it merely through the mind.

So at some point if one really wants to understand this ‘wholeness’ on a deeper level, one must be willing to let go of trying to understand with the mind and intellect.  The mind certainly has it’s uses and it’s place, though it’s place is not here.  To let go of the mind is to let go of all ideas of self, of world, of anything and everything... even letting go of the idea of a someone who is letting go.  Then perhaps this ‘wholeness’ that is being spoken of can then be more clearly revealed and more clearly known and understood, not as a concept, though rather as one’s essential nature... experiencing everything and no-thing simultaneously as Self.  Again, not for the mind to understand.  Words can be useful in pointing, though what they are pointing to is too full to be contained or understood within a mere concept, rather it is in the very juiciness and reality of existence Itself that it is to be known, and in this, knowing and Being are One.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"In the fight, or in the Light?..."

The 'doer' cannot undo the sense of doership (ego)...  only in the clear light of Being can the sense of the 'doer' be clearly seen and in this it is spontaneously dissolved.  The life expression still may continue, though now there is no sense of a little 'doer' behind it.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Who is waking up?... there is no one there.  The Infinite ever-Is.

If there is anything that we might call awakening, it is this.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Flow of the Infinite

Quite a dance... while at the same time... no dance...  the Infinite is ever-Here, ever-whole, ever-fulfilled.  A natural appreciation of the whole of it, seeing what is, simply for what it is...